Enrichment Programmes



1. Apple Pie Chinese Theatre
This enrichment aims to nurture and instill in young learners a life-long love and appreciation for Chinese language through drama techniques, speech training and stage performance.


2. InnoArt Drawing
InnoArt Drawing aims to develop the children's art ability by introducing different drawing materials and techniques.  The lessons are conducted in Mandarin so the children not only learn art but also improve their understanding of the language.


3. Helen O’Grady Drama
Helen O’Grady Drama programme provides instruction to children in articulation, voice projection, facial expression, body language/gestures and helps them develop confidence and poise for public speaking as well as effective social and communication skills.


4. Kindergym
Kindergym is a general gymnastics program designed to develop gross motor skills, movement creativity, physical development, tumbling, body awareness and communication skills, while building self-confidence and self-esteem through fitness and fun in a safe environment through our comprehensive gymnastics classes.


5. Kinderdance
Kinderdance introduces the elements of tap, ballet, imagery and acrobatics to develop the child's self-confidence and self esteem whilst encouraging body awareness and improved co-ordination, stability and flexibility.


6.1 Preparatory Classes
Pre-Nursery and Nursery children will be taught both numeracy and linguistics as a step to a whole brain approach. 



6.2 Phonetics Levels 1 & 2 Workshop 
The phonics class will reiterate the sounds of the 26 letters of the alphabet, teach letter blending, vowels, consonants and simple frequency words for Level 1 (K1). For Level 2 (K2), comprehension, close passage, vocabulary, composition writing and English rules are incorporated. This program aims for the children to be Primary 1 ready! 


7. Musikal Genesis
Following the soft Mozart approach, your child can learn how to play Christian songs, have fun singing and knowing the meaning behind the songs.  This program grows your child's brain by developing hand eye coordination, reading simplified music score, training perfect pitch and sight singing.


8. Petite Artist
Funovator Private Limited offers non-toxic, unique and innovative kits from Orange Elephant TM (Russia). Based on new generation clay modelling, paint, design and decoration products, it helps your kids build character and develop their creativity.


9. Brain Mastery for Pre-school
Early brain development will definitely make a huge difference throughout your child's life. Using proven techniques that develop both the analytical left brain and the intuitive right brain, your child will be equipped to fully maximise their brain power, thus creating faster learning, better memory & recall, and most importantly, confidence to face challenges.


10. P1 Preparatory Maths
Junior Math Olympiad programs aims to develop students' knowledge and understanding of foundational Mathematics Concepts through Active Learning and Problem-Sloving.  We deliver this through a cirriculum designed to build self-confidence in cognitive and Higher Order of Thinking all with a Fun and Stimulating Learning enviroment.


11. High Touch High Tech Science
Though discovery style learning, hands-on activities and inquiry based dialogue, children are engaged in exciting lessons that encourage them to explore the many wonders of science. The activities include learning how flowering plants reproduce, discovery of fungi, finding more about the footsteps of animals, discovery of our heart, making chlorophyll separate, learning more about the pH scale, discovery of our amazing sense of smell and more!



12. Wow learning- Game Changing School Preschool Robotics STEM Program
Building Numeracy Proficiency, Early Scientific and Digital Competencies. This program for your child develops critical and inventive thinking, builds resilience and adaptability in problem solving as well as establishes logical reasoning skills. Activities include puzzle play, build your own robots as well as coding for your robots.


13. John Langrehr Thinking Program
This enrichment is based on a well established principles of thinking psychology.  The program is also be supported by a wide range of thinking questions, problem solving scenarios, practical hands-on activities, fun worksheets and learning games.    


14. Abacus-Mental Arithmetic Course
To provide students with a head start in Mathematics. Benefits include improving listening ability, memory and concentration power, boosting thinking ability, building confidence and developing a greater interest in Mathematics.


15. Public Speaking for Kids
We are the leading Public Speaking School for kids in Singapore. Our comprehensive programs are meticulously crafted by our panel of professional speakers and business leaders to be well-rounded and effective. Our children have multiple opportunities to practice their public speaking skills in front of their peers to ensure public speaking becomes second nature to them.


16. Word Skills
Word Skills is a creative writing class which aims to guide and help children write stories in a fun and enjoyable way.


17. Hanyu Pinyin
This enrichment provides the knowledge of Chinese phonetics(pronunciation of initals, finals and syllables, rules of phonetics spelling, nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, etc.) and improve children's proficiency in Mandarin.



Enrichment Programmes

No  Enrichment Classes PN Nur K1 K2
1  Chinese Speech and Drama
2  InnoArt Drawing
3  English Speech and Drama
4  Kindergym
5  Kinderdance  
6  Preparatory Classes + Phonetics Level 1 & 2 Workshop   
7  Musikal Genesis   √ 
8  Petite Artist  
9  BrainXpansion    
10  P1 Preparatory Maths    
11  High Touch High Tech Science    
12  Robotics STEM program      
13  John Langrehr Thinking Program      


14  Abacus-Mental Arithmetic Course      

15  Public Speaking for Kids      

16  Word skills      

17  Hanyu Pinyin      


Pre-Nursery and Nursery children will be taught both numeracy and linguistics as a step to a whole brain approach.