Our Programme

1. Chinese Language Arts: Speaking, Reading and Writing
Since 1956, thousands of children have experienced the benefits of speaking Mandarin in the classroom. The teachers do not just teach but interact with the children, expose the children to everyday language and encourage speaking Mandarin. Our curriculum incorporates word recognition - the children learn to read, recognize and write the Chinese characters.

2. English Language Arts: Speaking, Reading and Writing
Letterland is adopted to teach phonics and language at all levels. Coupled with other reading and literacy programmes, children are taught to read, write and spell with confidence.  'Read-aloud' and 'Show and Tell' are planned to nurture love for reading and building confidence in oral expression.

3. Early Foundation Mathematics
Our teachers tell exciting stories that expound on the mathematical concept before moving on to directed hands-on activities (using math resources and everyday materials) and table work to reinforce a child's understanding of mathematical concept.

4. Early Science Discovery
We provide opportunities that excite the curiosity of each child and stimulate him/her to discover and explore more about the world he/she lives in. Our children learn about the world of nature and science through concrete experiences, experiments, investigation and deduction, problem solving activities and games.

5. Music & Movement
Music & Movement is integrated into our curriculum to reinforce our children's language, musical, physical and social development. Our students have opportunities to listen, sing, experience rhythm through movement as well as creatively express themselves through dance and concert performances.

6. Creative Art & Craft
Art & Craft activities also play a significant role in a child's emotional development, imagination and fine motor skills. We encourage all our children to experiment with various art media and materials, and explore different textures, colours, patterns and natural properties.

7. Outdoor and Playground Activities
Our outdoor activities are aimed at developing both gross and fine motor skills. These include : Water Play, Sand Play, Directed Games, Cycling and Outdoor Play in our playground.

8. Cooking Experiences
In the course of creating a dish, the children learn to read recipes and follow instructions. While stirring and beating the ingredients during cookery class, they develop small muscles and eye-hand coordination. While mixing, kneading and adding ingredients, they discover concepts about colour, shape and chemistry. By savouring different foods, they learn about their sense of taste.

9. Learning Centres & Pretend Play
Learning Centres are created to allow children to explore, manipulate and discover. We extend a child's learning and social interaction by engaging him/her in pretend play.

10. Graduation Cum Concert
Every year at Newton Kindergarten, Graduation Cum Concert is a grand affair. It comprises a graduation ceremony and performances by all classes, both in Mandarin and English.

11. Sportball Programme
Sportball's Multi-Sport skills development programmes introduce pre-school and primary school children to the concepts and skills involved in 7 of the most popular sports (Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Hockey, Golf and Soccer).